What Gives?


Extraordinary jazz genius, Theloneus Monk, is credited with describing the space between notes as the “Blue Note”. It is this interval of silence that provides the flexibility of movement in jazz. It is also this interval that provides the “give” to the Community Bench. The Community Bench relies on its unique bent steel fabrication to provide comfort and styling that literally defy gravity. Other benches rely on overbuilding and overuse of materials to provide strength. This makes them unforgiving and uncomfortable, in addition to wasteful. The Nurture Form Community Bench uses hand-bent, hot-rolled steel to achieve its incredible strength. We also use ingenious design that takes advantage of both the strength and flexibility of this material. Our blue note is the space between its seat and back. Allowing this space to breath brings just the right amount movement and give to absorb the shock as you sit down, lean back and relax. This unique design flexes, without you giving up a bit of that secure feeling a great bench should provide. The only way to really understand this is to sit down on one.


As you have a seat, we are taking a stand!

The Community Bench represents the first of a line of products and enterprises that are a part of what is know as the Community Wealth Generation Initiative. Where other producers of goods are driven by profit, we are driving by producing “Good” for the community first. The mission of this initiative is what led to the creation of the bench. This is the other way in which the Community Bench “Gives”. We see this as the back beat that supports the community as the Community Bench supports you.

The Community Wealth Generation Initiative

The CWGI is an economic development incubator that provides training, employment, business development, and cooperative business ownership opportunities for individuals from economically disenfranchised communities. Through innovative partnerships, we foster sustainable communities through incubating locally-owned and operated enterprises and providing economic development support. We focus our efforts in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty to create leveraged impact for individuals, families, and communities.

Mental Models

We replicate what we see. Therefore, we need to change the experience of every child currently living in poverty. The Ingoma Foundation partners with forward-thinking visionaries to create new realities for our communities. These ideas are tested on the ground, and powerfully documented. The goal is to change not only the communities in which we work, but to change the way we all think about community.

Economic Models

Poverty is an economic problem. The clearest indicator of the health of a community is its access to viable, local means of wealth development. The Ingoma Foundation is committed to supporting the movement of oppressed communities from reactive survival, to leadership and ownership. We create dynamic partnerships between enlightened business leaders, entrepreneurs, economists, socially-responsible investors and community stakeholders to seed micro- and larger-scaled enterprises.

Cooperative Community Models

Our projects are values-driven. We are committed to sustaining people, prosperity and the planet. We apply indigenous strategies of sustainability combined with the most progressive technologies and socioeconomic models to build sustainable and healthy communities.


Send your tax deductible contribution to support the work of the Ingoma Foundation, a project of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. who is responsible for developing this venture, and other social solutions through creative enterprise.

Give Online!

Purchase a bench!

When you buy a bench, you are not only getting one of the most cutting-edge, beautiful and comfortable products money can buy, you are supporting the development of local and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by urban communities.

To purchase a bench call us at The Bench That Gives at 443.794.1688

Sponsor a Nurture Form Community Bench: Your contribution of $2500 will sponsor 1 Community Bench. To sponsor a Nurture Form Community Bench, Send your tax deductible contribution to:

You may send any amount you wish and we will apply it to other partial sponsorships.

Mail Your Contribution!

Make your check payable to:

Fusion Partnerships, Inc.
1601 Guilford Ave, 2 South
Baltimore, MD 21202

Fusion sponsors about 30 projects. Be sure to specify your contribution is to go towards the Ingoma Foundation


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